Adventures in Alphabet Land

Platform: PC
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter
Description: A first person shooter for toddlers.
Status: Pilot Complete

Development: Developed in 12 weeks from initial concept to the final product by Jason Redeker and Patrick Ecker. It was a final project to complete a degrees in programming & Game Development. Adventure in Alphabet Land is a 3rd person view shooter for toddlers. The game takes place in a dream world on an island where Johnny (our hero) needs to collect letters to spell different words for the Alphabet King. There are also other characters that are running around trying to keep the letters from Johnny, but Johnny is equipped with a stun bubble gun to help collect the letters. When a bubble collides with a character they perform a dance, and if the character is carrying a letter it will be dropped. Johnny has to bring all the letters to the castles in the kingdom to spell all of the chosen words and win the game.

Story: One day when Johnny (our hero) and Jack (our hero’s dog) were playing by the river they began to tire and they took a nap under the only oak tree by the creek’s bank. During the well needed nap, Johnny woke up in a dream like state in the lands of the Ice Lord. As he awoke he saw a large creature (Lumbertub) picking up his sleeping dog. Before Johnny could do anything the Lumbertub was gone! Johnny chased after the two but couldn’t keep up. Johnny, not knowing exactly where he was preceded in the direction he last saw the Lumbertub heading. He eventually reached a castle. Upon enter the castle he was immediately presented to the King. He asked the King for help in catching the Lumbertub that has taken his dog Jack. Johnny was instructed to collect magic letters spread across the land. When all the letters were collected spelling the magic words the Lumbertub would have no choice but to release Jack.